Master Planning

The Trustees of Kildare Ministries have approved the College’s Master Plan and the financial modelling for undertaking the first three stages over the next 10 years. The core values underpinning the conceptual design of the Master Plan will ensure we create a space that is welcoming, inclusive and empowering, whilst engendering hope and a sense of community.

We have partnered with CHT Architects who have undertaken a comprehensive analysis of our site and synthesized the feedback from students, staff and families collected in surveys last year. A Project Control Group (PCG), including membership from our Stewardship Council, was formed to oversee the process. Our architects have facilitated a number of sessions with the PCG, staff and parents which provided the opportunity to clarify and refine the plan. Whilst the overall plan has 5 conceptual stages, we are focusing on the first three in the next 10 years which will include:

Stage 1: A new building to house Science and Technology learning, collaborative spaces and general learning areas both indoor and outdoor on the west boundary of Tullow grounds.

Stage 2: A redevelopment of the Tullow Hall precinct to expand its current capacity and include learning areas for the Performing Arts including Music and Dance.

Stage 3: A redevelopment of Tressider Hall space to create a welcome and outward-facing administration area facing Church St as well as further learning areas to complement the first floor of the Brigidine Centre.

With the exemplary stewardship of our resources, the College is able to move forward with developing the schematic designs for Stage 1. As we know with all good plans, they are dynamic and shift and change as we progress towards bringing them to life. This will no doubt be the same with our next three stages. We are confident with the overall layout of the vision of the Master Plan and how it will bring our site together and retain what we love most about our College. It is an exciting chapter in our story and one that we look forward to sharing with you in the years ahead.