Vision Statement

Clonard College

Vision Statement

Clonard College, as a Kildare Education Ministries school, is a school where we strive for learning to be collaborative, dynamic, vibrant and purposeful. Inspired by the Gospel values of love, justice, service and peace, we will be a community that celebrates:

  • Wonder and all that is good with joy and gratitude
  • Courage by speaking and acting with integrity
  • Hospitality by welcoming all
  • Hope by bringing a sense of purpose
  • Compassion by walking with and having empathy for all
  • Justice through making the needs of the vulnerable paramount

Graduate Outcomes


Clonard Values

Graduate Outcomes

The qualities of our students we are endeavouring to promote. Clonard College strives to help each student to be:

A young woman of spirituality and faith who:

  • Values and participates in rituals, liturgies and the prayer life of the faith community
  • Lives the Gospel values including those of love, justice, peace, inclusivity and gratitude
  • Experiences faith as a source of hope and belonging
  • Respects all voices and perspectives
  • Nurtures her spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health

A young woman of character who:

  • Values and develops her own unique voice and an independence of spirit
  • Values and nurtures her physical, mental and emotional health
  • Listens, reflects, speaks and acts with integrity and courage
  • Create and nourishes respectful relationships
  • Meets challenges with confidence and courage

A young woman of learning who:

• Seeks  understanding, knowledge and skills
• Sees and creates opportunities, possibilities and solutions
• Participates, collaborates, reflects, questions and thinks critically
• Invests in her own   lifelong learning
• Is curious, innovative, creative, resourceful and takes responsibility for her own learning

A young woman of service who:

  • Embraces the legacy of Saint Brigid; compassion, social justice, advocacy, leadership and vision
  • Values and builds connections with her world, her community and her environment
  • Seeks and promotes justice in local and global communities
  • Supports the development of others through her capacities in leadership and collaboration