Positive Behaviour 4 Learning

Positive Behaviour 4 Learning (PB4L) is a whole-school framework that promotes positive behaviour across a school and helps schools develop safe and supportive learning environments in which all students can flourish – feel good and do good.

A key element of PB4L is making sure all students are explicitly taught school-wide expectations and the skills required to meet these expectations. Students, parents and staff were part of the process in deciding our school-wide expectations – Respect, Engagement and Resilience – meaning that all members of our community have ownership of our expectations. The expectations and skills required to fulfil these expectations are visible in all our classrooms and learning spaces through our Expectations and Skills Matrix. We believe that if students can have respect for self, respect for others and respect for the environment, demonstrate a high degree of engagement and develop and exercise resilience they will Live Well, Learn Well and Be Well.

In addition to explicitly teaching the expectations our staff take a proactive and preventative approach to ensure all students receive the appropriate amount of support to help them be successful at school. Student outcomes are monitored so identified students can receive additional support when needed, and a minority of students can access intensive support to enable them to engage successfully in school.

PB4L has been in practice in schools for over 40 years and there is a great deal of academic evidence to suggest that it can be highly effective in achieving improved academic and social outcomes. At Clonard we are working hard to implement PB4L so as to give our students the skills to be successful both academically and socially, as well as to provide the very best learning environment possible.