Religious Education



As a school, we celebrate our Catholic Identity, united by a belief in God we act out his virtues. Our relationship with God nurtures our understanding of self, others and the world. Dialogue is the key to the development of a strong identity; dialogue with God, dialogue with the Catholic faith traditions and dialogue with other faith traditions. 


Each year level follows a structured Religious Education curriculum that is grounded in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through teachings of the Gospel, an understanding of story, ethics, ritual and symbol informs each student’s personal beliefs and values.

It is envisioned that through this process students transform their learning into practise and live the Gospel values including those of love, justice, peace, inclusivity, and gratitude. 

The journey of seeking faith and spirituality through knowledge, understanding and appreciation of religious tradition is strengthened through discourse. With an emphasis on dialogue and openness as key to developing identity, a climate where all voices, views and perspectives are respected is realised.  

Prayer and Liturgy

Entrenched in all our work is the rich heritage of the Brigidine Sisters inspired by the person of Jesus and the vision of Saint Brigid of Kildare, Nano Nagle, and Daniel Delany. Liturgies, ritual and prayer hold a rich significance at Clonard.

Students begin every day with the ritual of prayer, reflective of significant dates or current events that encourage students to experience faith as a source of hope and belonging.

Additionally, we celebrate key liturgical events with the Celebration of the Eucharist or specifically written liturgies marking important occasions. 

Community Connection Days, Reflection Days & Retreats

The celebration of our Catholic Identity and its cyclicity ensure our students value and participate in the prayer life of the faith community. Renewal and reflection activities suitable to each age group and development of students are embedded into each year level. Community Connection Days at Years 7-11 and Retreat at Year 12 are designed to nurture her spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health. Through discussion, reflection, interaction and celebration students seek within to evaluate and pursue their true happiness.