9 Creative Art

Year 9 Creative Art

Brushwork Boss: Empower Your Artistic Journey

What is this subject about:

Dive into a world where your imagination is your greatest tool! In this subject, we’ll journey through the realms of art, exploring everything from classic techniques to cutting-edge creations. Get ready to play with paints, create sculptures, capture moments through photography, and much more. Discover how artists express their ideas and learn to shape your own unique artistic voice.

Why choose this subject:

Join the league of innovators! In a world craving creativity, this subject equips you with the skills of the future. Become a trendsetter, crafting your own vision of the world and expressing it through your artwork. With guidance from our expert teachers, you’ll uncover the magic of art and unleash your full potential, no matter your skill level. Potential excursions include; National Gallery Of Victoria, Landscape Painting on site, Geelong Gallery, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.

What are we going to be studying?

Get ready for a hands-on journey through various art forms! From painting to sculpture, drawing to photography, and beyond, we’ll explore it all. Unleash your creative thinking as we delve into the minds of artists and learn to communicate ideas through art. Plus, we’ll analyze artworks from different cultures and times, expanding our understanding of the world around us.

Where does this subject go?

Your artistic adventure doesn’t end here! In Year 9 and 10, you can explore Computer Design, Digital Photography, Visual Communication, and Studio Arts. Then, dive deeper into the world of art in Year 11 and 12 with Creative Practice units. The possibilities are endless as you continue to shape your artistic journey.