9 Design and Create – Fashion & Print

What is this subject about:

Playing and exploring with jewellery making and fashion design to create innovative sustainable products.

 “The emerging population will require radical transformation of damaging material consumption and emissions and the adoption of sustainable technologies.”

  • Project Sunshine, Steve McKevitt & Tony Ryan.

Why choose this subject:

At the forefront of sustainable design and technology practices, Design and Create leads to the future of sustainable employment opportunities.

We need to Re-think, Re-use, Re-configure, Re-develop, Re-interpret and Re-imagine the practices of today into the innovations of tomorrow.

Discover and be inspired by innovative artists, product designers, fashion designers, textile designers, home ware designers and jewellery designers.

Feel good about the decision you make in a subject committed to ethical and sustainable practice.

Rich topics allow you, the designer/ innovator to create and explore using a wide variety of cutting-edge practices including Adobe CS and Laser cutters, whilst committing to the responsible use of materials and techniques.  

Reimagine and Re-interpret traditional technology methods of creating craft and design into the future.

This subject accommodates all abilities and levels of experience.

Student Testimony – Paige Rae – Year 11 (Future Runway Winner 2013)

Middle school fashion (Design  & Create) provided a fantastic first step into the fashion world. It allowed me to explore different themes and ideas and really develop my own style throughout the process. …I now find it so rewarding creating garments and wearing the clothes that I have made. There is a certain pride that comes with incorporating your own hand made clothes into your everyday outfits.


What are we going to be studying?

Sustainable Design – Audit your own practice from a sustainable viewpoint.
Explore an existing designer by viewing contemporary and historical design firsthand. Review the impact they have had on the way we see the world. (Subject to exhibitions/availability)

Be the Voice – Give purpose to your designs!  Work on a theme or contemporary issue that is close to your heart!

Fashion Blog – Develop a Mood board of images that capture an exciting representation of your theme. Pinterest – Get in touch with what designers are using now!

Empower – Explore and develop a clear understanding of how to use the design elements and principles when designing.

Innovate** Be introduced to design competitions like Future Runway and Wool4Skool, where you can launch your career.
Explore, discover and interpret influences from inspiring Artist and Designers. Lead the way to new visions whilst learning fashion illustration, CAD design- Illustrator and Photoshop.

Taste skills in a variety of small projects possibly including:

Fashion – garment designs & costume design.
Accessory Design – bags, purses, phone covers, shopping bags & computer bags. ECT.
Home wares – Lampshades, beeswax wraps, bean bags, cushions, quilts, bedding, Macramé potholders.
Textiles Design – Printmaking – photo emulsion/ digital/ stencil, weaving, knitting, fabric manipulation – digital/ laser printing.
Jewellery Making – Sustainable designs, up-cycled, mould making and beading.
Playtime – Work on a range of small tasks to gain skills across mediums, including laser cut jewellery, weaving/macrame and a fashion garment.

Create your vision – Complete a set of designs.

Project Runway/ Design Exhibit your work!

Sounds like fun! Of course, it is!


How to get there – Directions Please! 

Year 9 Subject – Design & Create – Computer Design, Digital Photography, Visual Communication, Studio Arts

Year 10 – Subject – Design & Create – Computer Design, Digital Photography, Visual Communication, Studio Arts

VCE subject/s:

Year 11 Units 1 & 2 – Design & Create (Design & Technology or Art Creative Practice)
Visual Communication and Design.

Year 12Units 3 & 4 – Design & Create  (Design & Technology or Art Creative Practice)
Visual Communication and Design.