9 Studio Art

What is this subject about?

ART is a fun, creative and hands on subject that would appeal to students who have enjoyed their Arts experiences in previous years.

In “Studio Arts – Art” students discuss, investigate, experiment and explore the artworks from historical and contemporary artists.  They create an artwork based on an artist of their choice.  This choice is based on their interest in the artstyle and the theme that the artist used in their work.  Building on this interest, students develop skills in researching, gathering information and experimentation in various art techniques and forms.

What are we going to be studying?

* Students complete two tasks; a minor task in drawing techniques and a major task in painting.

* Student’s will present their practical work in and end of semester exhibition.

* Student’s will complete a small written task. This will be an analysis of a painting by the artist of their choice.

Where does this subject go?

This subject will give you a great lead into the following VCE subject/s:

* Studio Art
* Visual Communication and Design
* Fashion
* Media Studies.

This subject is advantageous if you’re looking at these careers:

* Artist
* Illustrator
* Animator
* Fashion designer
* Craftsperson
* Art teacher
* Architect
* Graphic designer
* Interior designer
* Art gallery director
* Web developer/designer
* Textile designer
* Photographer
* Cartoonist
* Art therapist
* Art historian
* Multimedia developer
* Industrial designer
* Conservator
* Museum curator
* Urban and  regional planner
* University  lecture
* Theatrical  costume maker  and designer
* Set designer
* Sculptor
* Art critic
* Arts  administrator
* Cartographer
* Cultural heritage officer