On Tuesday 5 March four Clonard student leaders attended their first day of the Student Leadership initiative for young women – the Be Bold Be Heard program. It is designed to improve middle years girls’ and those identifying as girls’, voice, agency and engagement in class, college, and community.

The program involves four termly forums, delivered for 120 students, at GMHBA stadium.

During the forums, the students receive information and skill building, around leadership, working in effective teams and identifying and implementing change strategies in their schools. They will be given the opportunity to create action plans for their ideas, for influencing change in their schools. They also have the opportunity to be inspired by successful women in community, motivational speakers at each of the four forums. In addition, they are given the opportunity to collaborate, network and learn from both their peers and students from the other schools, which is the cornerstone of this project.

Well done to Chloe, Zoe, Eliza and Aurora for their collaboration, ideas and enthusiasm on the day.