Dear parent/guardian and student,

As the school year has progressed, we have noticed that the students’ attention to the wearing of the correct uniform has waned.  Therefore we are keen to revisit the uniform requirements with you and to also provide you with an understanding of initiatives we are looking to introduce for the remainder of the year and into 2024. 

The bulk of our student cohort are wearing their uniform correctly and should be congratulated on this, however we are seeing some students who are not adhering to College uniform guidelines. In line with the PB4L expectations of Respect – ‘Wear the correct uniform’ and ‘Represent the school with pride’ you would be aware that teachers have been issuing incident notices to students who have not been wearing their uniform correctly. This includes incorrect socks, visible hoodies worn under school jumpers, blazers not being worn as the outer garment when outside the school grounds, hair not being tied back, visible pyjamas being worn under the winter kilt, long sleeve tops being worn under the short sleeve sports polo shirt and excessive makeup and/or jewellery.

Our staff have been asked to remind students daily about uniform requirements and will be requiring students to remove visible hoodies, long sleeve tops, visible pyjama pants and excessive makeup and/or jewellery. Hair is also to be tied back at all times, therefore a reminder to students to carry additional hair ties around their wrist would be advisable. In the case where students are wearing incorrect socks the school has a stock of uniform socks for students to purchase if they do not have the correct ones. The socks will cost $9 per pair (or $17 in a 2 pack) and can be purchased via CDFpay or cash payment.   

The PB4L incident recording model is applied so that we are able to identify patterns of ongoing or recurring behaviour. Moving forward, if your young person has 4 or more incidents for uniform breaches (including what has already been accumulated), we will be requesting that the student make themselves available for 1 hour (from 3.30-4.30pm) on a designated Wednesday evening. During this community service time your young person will be assisting in the preparation of meals that will be made available to members of our community who may be dealing with personal hardship. 

A logical consequence of this nature has been implemented in response to ongoing inappropriate behaviour from a small number of students. Research suggest that interventions of this form will provide your young person with an opportunity to give back to the community and provide a chance to develop self-worth through supporting others in real and meaningful ways.  Additionally, they will build relationships within the community and increase their competencies in a variety of skills.  

Attached with this letter are the College Uniform Principles, along with the slides which depict the 3 uniform variations. We are aiming to set fair, reasonable and consistent standards in relation to the wearing of our uniform and we would ask that you support us as we implement these new initiatives. 

Mr Williams
Assistant Principal – Community and Culture.

College Blazer – must be worn as the outer garment if wearing school jumper (outside school grounds).