Drug Education Presentations

This week Years 9, 10 and 11 students participating in an interactive presentation in regard to the facts and risks around drug use.  Thanks to Sharon Torpey from Drug Ed Australia, and paramedic Mia who gave insightful advice based on real life events.  The information covered included:



Your Brain 

 Discuss brain development, its impact on decision making and risk taking.

Whats the reality 

– How many young people actually use drugs?

– Focus is on positive social norms!


 The effects on the teenage brain.  


 What’s the risks?


 The difference between “recreational” and “medicinal” cannabis.

 Dispel myths?

 Discuss the possible impacts on mental health.

Other Drugs 

 Facts – Ecstasy, edibles, nangs

– Dispel myths.

 Discuss the unpredictability and potential harms associated with drugs.


 – The importance of planning your night out.

  Recognizing risk.

  What are the signs of an emergency? Six Obvious Signs to seek Help.

 – Who do I call?  

 – What happens if I call 000?


Year 9 Parents and carers please note, there is a Drug Education parent information evening at SJC Westcourt on Wednesday 21 July.

Further details and Operoo will be distributed at the beginning of Term 3.