Faces of Clonard

Meet Mr Justin McInerney who has been teaching at Clonard since 2005.
During his time at Clonard, Mr McInerney has taught across the year levels in RE, History, Geography, and Wellbeing. Many staff and students have been immersed in Mr McInerney’s meditation sessions over the years, enhancing wellbeing and the learning environment.

Any student who has been taught by Mr McInerney will have experienced his great love for storytelling, his calm approach and the time he has to listen to all.

‘Fondest memories – Watching students really push through challenges and learn something about themselves in the process and telling stories! My favourite involves a French beret and an outrageous French knight named Sir Gromer; and lots of stories from Greek mythology that have such rich life lessons. Odysseus and Polyphemus the Cyclops is right up there; then there’s Icarus and Daedalus…Theseus and Ariadne and the Minotaur….. I have always loved these timeless stories and it’s still my favourite part of being a teacher watching the reactions of students as I get to retell them’.
– Mr McInerney.