Five Year 10 students took up the opportunity to gain work experience at GHD, Geelong. They are working on a mock project, taking on the roles of their mentors to gain an insight into the workplace and the paths that each person took to get there. They met with a range of people from different backgrounds and current university students from the STEM fields.

Some comments from GHD:

The students were absolute superstars today – all were on time, all were beautifully mannered and attentive, and all seem to have enjoyed themselves.

The students started the day with a presentation on stakeholder engagement and effective communication, then we headed to Wathaurong Aboriginal Cooperative for our site visit and client lunch. It was incredible to watch the team really engage with the project. They were so focused on the challenges and opportunities presented at the site and asked some truly impressive questions of their buddies, and the client.

It really was a pleasure to watch.

On our return to the office, the students then had a session with our Environmental management team and our resident Geotechnical Scientist, which they really loved. Once again, they were all impressed with the calibre of their questions, and their level of engagement with the project.