Anika K, of the Year 11 Legal Studies class, took part in a Victoria Parliament Prize, involving her writing and recording a speech on a chosen area of law reform. Anika has just received notification (see attached certificate) that her speech, on the Decriminalisation of Drug Usage, was in the top 10% in the State, gaining her a Commendation Award! The judges commented as follows:

This year we received a record number of entries, 1018 students entered the prize, representing over 200 schools across Victoria.

Our judges were really impressed with the enthusiasm and passion you displayed in your member statement. We would like to acknowledge this achievement by awarding you a Highly Commended Certificate. This is only awarded to students who placed within the top 10% of their category.

Although humble by nature, Anika agreed to the publication of this wonderful achievement in the hope it will inspire others to strive in areas of humanities such as politics and the law.

Well done Anika.