Last Tuesday saw the beginning of the Living Justly Reading Program for 2023. A small group of Year 10 – 12 students volunteered their time before school to go and read to a small group (or listen to them read) of Prep – Grade 2 students at St Thomas Aquinas Primary School in Corio.

Thank you to the students who attended the first week: Emma W and Emily N (Year 10) Isobel D (Year 11) and Alice T, Matilda H and Gracie N (Year 12).

and the students who attended this week: Livinia S and Maliha B (Year 11) and Grace O, Jemilla C and Ella H (Year 10) attended with Diane Braiden, Clonard Learning Diversity Leader.

They met with some of the junior primary students who eagerly brought their readers along to read to our students.

Staff at St Thomas’ appreciated the work our students did – we will continue with the program each Tuesday morning this term, with different student and staff volunteers each week.

Great work everyone.