On Tuesday June 20 the Pre Voc class visited the MCG in Melbourne. While there we had a tour, spoke with an Olympian, learnt about successful storytelling, and we participated in Game On! and got to learn new information around the sports museum.

During the tour we visited some cool places including the players bench, clubrooms, Media room and the Melbourne Cricket Club area (MCC). In the MCC we saw Don Bradman’s bat where he scored 123 and 37 not out for Australia in the Fifth test match against England. We also learnt it was rebuilt 3 times due to floodings that have happened in the past.

The Olympian we got to meet was Carrie Smith who was a sailor, and it was interesting learning about her history and why she decided to retire from her sport which was from illness-injury. We also learnt how to tell a successful story which was good to learn, and understand how to tell a successful story.

The last two things we did was Game On! which was a room with a lot of different activities such as footy, basketball, soccer, cricket, surfing, horse riding, cycling, rock climbing and a very intense button game. Most of them were controlled by a screen, for footy you had to kick the footy onto the wall that had a screen and counted your score, and you had a timer as well. It was the same with soccer and basketball. With surfing you got to stand on a moving surfboard and follow what the screen was telling you to do, such as jump, lean back, and lean forward. For cricket you got to throw a ball at the little trampoline circle and try to catch it, it also took photos of you. We had a sweat band that we scanned to tap on the game to time us and get our results. The rock climbing was a Big footy and had a mat so you can jump off the footy.

The museum had information on all sports, including cricket, dog racing, netball, and a lot more which all had interactive screens where you could find out information, and do true or false. 

They had a large wombat named Fatso, who was obviously a toy. They offered an area where you could create your own horse and name it after scanning the finished product. The horse then appears on the screen for the horse race.

The one thing that appealed to me was the Shane Warne talk on screen. After the MCG we then took the train back to southern cross and caught another train back to Geelong station.

Lacey – Year 10 Pre Voc