New College Sports Uniform 2021

. Last year, following feedback from students and families a process commenced to explore options to update our pieces. This year our Student Representative Council have been instrumental in leading this process. They have been supported in their work by a small group of staff and a representative of our Stewardship Council who is also a parent of the College. The updates to the uniform were endorsed by the Stewardship Council of the College at their last meeting in September.

In reviewing the uniform pieces, we endeavoured to address:

  • Warmth
  • Appropriateness of fit
  • Water resistance
  • Appropriateness of fabric for physical activity
  • Designs to support physical activity and movement

We also considered the commitment of our uniform supplier to ethical supply chains and manufacturing of our uniform pieces. Maintaining similar price points was also considered.

A graphic of the new pieces is included below. A summary of the changes is listed for your information. Families will notice there are minimal colour changes other than the introduction of some new pieces.  This will assist in maintaining a connection to current pieces as we transition into the new uniform.  

The updated uniform can be worn from the start of the 2021 school year. We expect all Year 7 students to commence with the new uniform. Current students will be able to update their sports uniform as they either outgrow what they have or items need replacing. We request that families do not on sell the current uniform pieces as secondhand uniform from 2021. Our secondhand provider of school uniforms will be advised of these changes.

We are grateful to the efforts of the students for their considered leadership in meeting the challenge of providing a solution that meets their needs, as the ‘wearers’ of these pieces, whilst being mindful of minimizing the impact of such a change. We trust that these updates continue to promote and encourage a positive attitude in our students towards physical activity and movement.

For further information about the new pieces please contact Marianne Casanelia: College Registrar or Noone’s Uniforms on 5221 9199.