Old Collegian Career Profiles

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Bree Gorman, Graduate Year: 1998
After Clonard I studied Chemistry and continued to study chemistry until I received a PhD. I found research really rewarding and exciting but eventually, I left academia to work as an Industry Engagement manager, helping researchers translate their findings and knowledge into commercial products and processes. My career continued to take a variety of turns until I found myself as a Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Deakin University. The rewards that come with improving the opportunities that exist for people from all backgrounds are really satisfying, I certainly found my calling.

I have just recently made the move to launch my own business as a Diversity and Inclusion consultant. I want to be able to have impact across a variety of industries and sectors. I help organisations develop Diversity and Inclusion strategies and I also train employees, managers, leaders, teachers, sports managers and academics in Inclusive Leadership, Gender Equity and LGBTIQA+ awareness.

The pathways I chose at Clonard didn’t help get me to where I am now, but yet all of them have assisted. I have no qualifications to be working in Diversity and Inclusion but I have lived experience of being Bisexual and being a woman in a traditionally male-dominated science discipline. That’s what allows me to be able to have a greater understanding of the barriers that can exist in the workplace for people with diverse backgrounds. In terms of skills, having strong maths and data skills (maths) and the ability to use analytical thinking (chemistry, thanks to Ms Tolan) are things that I use every day. I really believe they allow me to approach Diversity and Inclusion problems with a completely different lens than those who have pursued a more traditional path.

Advice for Clonard students: Find your passion and follow it. I have always followed my passion, if you are not energised by your work it can be a long slow painful day. Seek to make an impact on the world, in whatever way that may be and then you will have job satisfaction which is so much more important than money.

This is a great alumni piece from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education starring Old Collegian, Andrea Downie from the Class of 2001.

Andrea has found her purpose and her drive through the establishment of Project Thrive that brings together her passion for positive psychology, education and leadership. Thanks for sharing, Andrea! Click here for the full article.