Olympic Change-Maker Award Recipients

Sarah Hardwick of Yr 12 and Ella Mustovic of Yr 11 been selected as a 2021 Australian Olympic Change-Maker Award Recipient. The Australian Olympic Change-Maker program recognises students who demonstrate the Olympic spirit through leadership and driving positive change in their communities.

Sarah is an elite Fencer who competes at State, National and International level in both her age group and open competition. She also gives back to the sport by refereeing local and state competitions. Sarah is a strong advocate for women in sport and has been a keen participant in Wellbeing classes over the last couple of years. Sarah has played a lead role in maintaining standards and ensuring that all students are participating to the best of their abilities. Sarah always looks to include others.

Sarah drives social change in her local community by promoting the benefits of Fencing as a sport and all it has to offer those who choose to be involved. Sarah volunteers her time to assist training the beginners and works with the elite athletes who are involved in Pentathlon who require specific training sessions to hone their skills. Sarah is a valued member of the Geelong Fencing Club who is always willing to help and assist others in the community. Sarah is an active club member who is looked up to by the younger girls who see her not just as a role model but are inspired by her achievements over a few years.

Ella Mustovic is an elite athlete with great success in the sport Volleyball.  Ella has been successful at state and national levels and is a role model to younger and aspiring sportswomen, displaying commitment, dedication and resilience.  Ella is a positive influence amongst her sporting community and is a highly valued member of the Clonard community as a student leader.  Ella displays grit, persistence and courage in all aspects of her school life, being a high achiever academically and in extra curricular activities.  She is passionate about helping others in the community and regularly participates in student led events and activities.  Ella is kind and approachable and is highly regarded by both her peers and all the staff in the Clonard community.

Congratulations Sarah and Ella !