Parent Teacher Interviews

Following parent/carer/teacher responses in 2020, the Parent-Teacher interviews for 2021 will continue to be conducted via Teams.

To facilitate this, teachers will need to get home and ready themselves. As a result, there will be different start/finish times for each teacher which you will note as you book them.

They will all begin at or after 4:00 on Tuesday 30 March and again on Tuesday 20 April. 

You book your interview requests via PAM.

Bookings open on Thursday 18 March at 6:00pm.

Please note: The booking system will be closed from Sunday 28 March at 8:00pm to allow for teacher preparation.

The system will open again on Wednesday 31 March which will allow you to book for Tuesday 20 April.

These bookings will close on Sunday 18 April at 8.00pm to allow for teacher preparation.

In preparation for these conversations, we would strongly recommend:

  • Reading and discussing with your daughter, her Interim Report due for publication 26/03/2021
  • Viewing and discussing with your daughter, all feedback on PAM
  • Discussing with your daughter, how she feels she is progressing – what else may assist her in her learning
  • Determining any questions you may have for your daughter’s teachers.

Given the changed format for interviews, we suggest a maximum of five bookings per student.

Teachers will make the Microsoft Teams call to your child at the interview time.

 Please have your child’s laptop logged in, Teams open, ready to receive the call.

More than one student? – Each student should be individually logged on to their allocated device.

Please understand that teachers may need to strictly adhere to a 5 minute call, so the next parent is not inconvenienced.

You may want to leave a gap between bookings to prevent ‘video overload’ – imagine you are walking between rooms on campus.

If the student does not reside with you and you do not have access to the student’s laptop, please phone the College for additional assistance. 

We look forward to meeting with you.