We are now fully one year into our implementation of Positive Behaviour for Learning at Clonard College and one of the best parts of PB4L is the recognition and celebration of our Clonard students’ positive behaviour. When our students exhibit positive behaviours such as being on time, wearing the uniform with pride, being aware and considerate of others, seeking feedback we aim to provide students with specific positive praise or feedback to reinforce the behaviour. When our students’ go to make an extra or special effort to meet our expectations of Respect, Engagement and Resilience we pair the positive feedback with a commendation. Our students and staff have really responded and in the first semester of this year 4500 commendations were recorded with 344 students earning five or more commendations. To celebrate the effort of these students we invited them all to a morning tea which we held on Monday 17 July. It was great to see so many students gather together and share some delicious pastries and to recognize wonderful efforts and behaviours of our Clonard students. Thanks to all the students who put the extra effort in to meet our school expectations and the staff who took the time to recognise this and award the commendations.