Reminder for parents and students – 8.50am start.

The first class of the school day officially starts at 8.50am.  It is our expectation that all students will have collected their class materials in advance of this time so that they are on time and ready to learn in class at 8.50.  We understand that some students only get to school around this time because of bus delays, etc. however it is important that these students get to this first class as promptly as possible.

We have been moving students on from the Minerva Rd shops at around 8.40am so that they have time to meet this expectation of readiness to learn at 8.50 am. We do understand that some students will attempt to use the shops after 8.40am to purchase a snack or their lunch, however to avoid your young person being late to class, we are instructing them to go straight to school and access our school canteen during break 1 or lunch time. The canteen is equipped with a wide variety of food and drink options.

Having the shops so accessible is a resource that students at our school should recognize as a privilege.  Access should not affect their capacity to get to class on time. Can you please assist us in reinforcing the need for your child/ren to be in class prior to 8.50am by talking to them about this expectation.  We would appreciate your assistance to have them either bring their own food from home or by making sure that they have cash or some money on their school ID cards via CDF pay to enable them to access the canteen.