On Thursday 28 April, over 100 of our wonderful student leaders, across Years 7 – 12 participated in a full day student leadership workshop.

Students have summarised the various sessions held throughout the day:

Period 1+2 with Yellow Arrow
To start our full day leadership workshop, we were fortunate enough to have guest speakers from ‘Yellow Arrow’ join us to help our leaders come together as a whole leadership team and develop our skills. We participated in activities and discussion that focused on different areas such as comfort zones as a leader, communication skills, dealing with conflict, motivation to go above and beyond and many more concepts that we can take into our leadership roles as well as life beyond school. We were also able to connect with other year levels and talk to girls we had never met or spoken to before on a deeper level. We loved our time with Yellow Arrow and were very fortunate to experience such an insightful and helpful workshop as a leadership team. Tahra, Year 12.

Period 3 – Creative Project with Ms Semjonov
In the third period, we divided into groups of ten and mixed with different people. Within these groups, we mixed and got to know little fun facts about each other before receiving an alphabetical letter. After everyone had received their letters, we pieced together that we were spelling the word leadership. With these letters, we were instructed to each write our own leadership quote that we had found prior to the day and decorate our letter however we pleased. With this, all of the groups combined their creativity to create unique and individual letters; when all of the groups put this together, it displayed a vibrant, colourful leadership team. Ella, Year 11.

Period 3A – Free lunch from the canteen!
During our 3A period, all leaders joined together for a shared lunch, where our lovely canteen staff prepared shared plates for all leaders to enjoy amongst themselves. We ate delicious foods that consisted of, sandwiches, party pies, sausage rolls, fruit, and for those with a sweet tooth we were treated with, jelly slice, hedgehog slice, and Clonard’s famous cookies, Yummy. Our leaders enjoyed this time filling their tummies and talking to each other to further get to know everyone and build relationships. We were so grateful to our leadership staff for setting this up, and we would like to give a special thanks to our canteen staff for preparing the amazing feast. Taylah, Year 12.

Period 4 – Looking to the Future with Mr Williams and Ms Ryan
Period 4 started off in the Kildare theatre with two guest speakers as our assistant principals, Mr. Williams (Community and Culture A.P) and Ms. Ryan (Teaching and learning A.P). Mr. Williams presented the new initiative called PB4L (Positive Behaviour 4 Learning) that will commence at the beginning of 2023 at Clonard College. PB4L is a new framework that brings positive behaviour to learning. Ms. Ryan’s presentation allowed us to get an insight into the future years here at Clonard. These new opportunities set, focus on us students as individuals who have different areas of learning and different pathways for the future after graduating from Clonard College. The Student Leaders were able to provide feedback that allows the school to consider the students’ opinions and their voices for others. Sibiya, Year 11.

Period 5 – Planning and Collaborating Time with Portfolio Teams
To end the day, all the leadership teams separated to their portfolios groups to plan many upcoming events. The Student Leaders collaborated with their related teachers to discuss these events and ideas. The environment was positive and energetic and we are all super excited to share and see our ideas come to life throughout the year! Mariah, Year 11.

We look forward to seeing great things from our Student Leaders in 2022!