Subject Selection 2021

I am pleased to introduce you to the subject selection processes and procedures for this year in preparation for 2021.  In this time of COVID-19 we have made adjustments to enable us to access the information you will need to guide and assist your daughter as she approaches choosing subjects for her next year.

The Senior Years’ Information Night has been replaced by the audio-powerpoint which has been located on the introductory page of True North. You will be able to hear from the leaders of our College as they explain the various pathways through the Senior School.  You will also find a list of College personnel who can assist you and your daughter if you need more guidance.

In addition, in advance of each formal session for subject selections for each year level, I will hold an information session so that your daughter will be aware of what the parameters are at each year level. I will also hold a Q & A session from 3.30 – 4.30 one week before each year level actually selects their subjects.  The link for these will be sent to your daughter but we very much hope parents/guardians will join us so that your questions can be answered too.

Please see below, the timeline for subject selections.  These include all year levels from Year 7 – 11. It outlines when students are addressed, when notification of the formal process begins for each year level and the date of the Q & A sessions.

I would like to draw your attention to the dates of the actual formal subject selection. For 2020 this will be conducted during a Wellbeing session so that all students will be undertaking the logging of their preferences simultaneously.  Your daughter will be sent her login details and instructions and has that 20 minutes to conclude the process. If your daughter is ill on that day, please be aware that she will still need to complete this task on that day because the portal will be closed down to open for the next year level to complete their selections.  If your daughter cannot, for some reason, undertake this task, she can either ask a buddy to complete it for her or, in extreme cases, let her Wellbeing teacher know in advance so s/he can complete them for her.  The reason for this change is so that we could delay selections for as long as we can to give students more time to explore their options, know what is possible and make their decisions as informed as they can be. 

At the conclusion of the subject selection process for each year level, I will send you a short survey that aims to determine your level of satisfaction with the subject selection process for this year, particularly the remote delivery of information.  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey so that we will be informed about how best to meet the needs of our community.