The 2023 Tech Leaders underwent training in AI, to better understand how it is changing our world. A generative chat AI that they used was This requires no sign in and can support students in personalised learning.

Here is what some of our students had to say:

Elissa A
A Day of AI helped us to understand more about the technology we are growing up with as wll as the benefits and even some of the dangers that can come from it. This experience really challenged us to think about how technology is used and how we can use it in a way that can be beneficial to the school environment.

Layla M
A day of AI helps us to understand the harms and benefits of AI. It helped us to understand how the world is moving forward with AI. The Experience was super fun and I had a blast learning new things about AI and about my fellow Tech Leaders, it had lots of fun activities and was super helpful.

Perri H
Day Of AI helps us understand all about AI and what it is. We learnt about the harms and benefits of AI and understand how it impacts our lives. My experience was very fun and interesting, and I learnt so much about how AI works and how it impacts our lives.