Uniform Matters

Notice of school wide check and follow up

At Clonard we strive to foster a safe, inclusive, respectful, and impactful learning environment in which all students feel a strong sense of connection, belonging and purpose. Our uniform plays an important role in helping students identify as members of our community as well as promoting the focus required to engage fully in our learning environment.
When students choose not to wear our uniform with pride it sends the signal they may not be fully engaged and invested in our wonderful community nor the learning that is at its core. Our uniform policies are clearly stated in both the College diary and on the College website. We have high expectations of our students and part of this expectation is that they wear the correct uniform, that identifies us as a community and prepares us for learning, with pride and respect every day.

Following a difficult year in 2020 with long periods of remote learning in which students naturally became accustomed to greater freedoms with their dress, accessories, and make-up, we have noticed this year that a greater number of students than usual are choosing not to wear our uniform with the pride it deserves, nor abide by the College’s make-up and accessories policies. As such we will be checking every student’s uniform the week beginning Monday 24th May 2021. Any students who are not faithfully meeting the College’s uniform expectations will be given a maximum period of one week to rectify the issue otherwise a detention will be assigned. It should be noted that time frames regarding removal of piercings or changing of hair colour will not be extended beyond the week. The College’s policies regarding appropriate types and places for piercings are clear and the often-stated reason that piercings need to remain in place for a period of X number of weeks is not a valid reason for over-riding this policy. It should also be noted that wearing tape over piercings is not an appropriate solution.

We understand that opinions regarding uniform vary widely in the community, but we please ask that everyone in the Clonard community respect the policies and traditions of our school and note that when the position of enrollment contract is signed by families and students this indicates that you have understood and agreed to abide by these policies.
We believe in, and want the best for our students, and this is why we commit to maintaining our high expectations of each and every one of them. We thank you for your support.

Andrew Damon & Tania Anticev

School Improvement Leaders – Wellbeing