Last week, the Year 12 Certificate II in Creative Industries and Literacy class travelled to Melbourne to the NGV to explore the Alexander McQueen exhibition – Mind Mythos Muse.  This was a fantastic introduction to the world of design, the design process and innovative art linking to social and historical issues.

Student comments from the day:

 “I enjoyed the day because I saw a lot of beautiful outfits designed by the talented Alexander McQueen”.

“It was a great day out. What I found interesting was all the different hats and outfits. I learnt about the historical factors behind the outfits. All in all, it was a great day and great getting out of the classroom for the day”.

“I liked this outfit cause it reminded me of my nana who is Scottish and all the other outfits looked beautiful. I never thought I would like a fashion exhibition, but it was really good”.

“I enjoyed seeing Alexander’s unique fashion style and the range of clothing eras he explored.”

“I enjoyed how some pieces of his clothing had a certain theme or symbolism that gave an insight to his personal life”