Principal’s Blog

Wonder – Seeing beyond I have never grown up when it comes to bubbles. For me, bubbles get you in. They make me laugh. They fascinate me. They make me feel alive. They are something of mystery – so fragile and yet so beautiful, such […]

Year 7 NLEP Numeracy

Over the last three weeks, the students have been investigating 3-D shape. They designed a rocket on paper and labelled it using various 3-D shapes such as rectangular prisms and triangular pyramids. Based on their design drawing, the students are enthusiastically creating their rocket using […]

No news on Facebook – what to do…

No news on Facebook … what to do The library web page is here to help: The password is available on Simon / General Links & Resources / Clonard Library When searching for news, you should use a number of different sources to gain different […]

Year 8 Wellbeing Machines!

A number of the Year 8 community are building on our theme of kindness and connection. Together we are participating in the Surf Coast Trek on May 1 walking 26kms from Anglesea to Torquay. This is an annual walk and fundraises for 2 local community […]