Members of our community are invited to join us with Sandra Milligan to explore questions we are exploring around the purpose of schooling and learning ambitions, learning design and the rethinking of assessment.  

Sandra Milligan is Director and Enterprise Professor at the Assessment Research Centre at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne. Sandra’s current research interests focus on assessment, micro-credentialing and warranting of hard-to-assess learning. 

Sandra has an unusually wide engagement with the education industry, and in educational research. Originally a teacher of science and mathematics, she is also a former Director of Curriculum in an Australian state education department, and has held senior research, management and governance positions in a range of educational organisations, including government agencies, not-for-profits, small start-up businesses and large, listed, international corporations.  

Sandra has led the New Metrics for Success partnership that Clonard is involved in with the University of Melbourne. New Metrics for Success is an opportunity for innovative schools to join with academic experts and international trailblazers to reimagine and influence schooling in Australia – to move away from the ‘grammar of schooling’ that continues to lock our schools into many of the distinctive features of the 20th century version of education. 

Our first community conversation will be held at Clonard College’s Kildare Theatre on Thursday 19 May from 6.30-7.30pm.

Please register your interest in attending via the link.