Disaster Survival (makecode.com)

A group of fantastic Year 7 students decided they would like to design and build a game together and enter into the Australian STEM Video Game challenge showing Agency in Learning. The theme for 2023 was “Construction and Destruction”. They were entered in the Year 7-9 open platform.

As a group, they had to design elements of the gameplay, including the graphic design, music, movement, and interaction of the sprites. They also needed to create a Game Design Document (GDD) that included their roles, the timeline, the game description, goals, objectives, controls, and lots more. They used class time and lots of their lunchtimes, showing real collaboration and working with each other to make the game even better. They worked through their ideas and disagreements with respect for each other and a great sense of humour. Each person took on their role and met their deadlines, asking for help and support as needed. The students made it through to the second round and received feedback for their game and certificates for their efforts.

“What a great job, it’s clear a lot of effort went into this. The GDD was excellently documented. A lot of detail went into each of the different sections which was great. The game itself was fun to play, and I liked the link to the theme .” Tim

“I really love the concept and the design. It would have been great to have more than one level to play! The music is nice and it is great how you change the music. You could also consider having more than one type of material, such as paper or plastic that burns more and where the character has to choose the right material to protect the house. They can then also see what happens if they choose different types of material.” Mardé

Great work team!