Year 7s back at school

Sports Equipment All Yr 7 Wellbeing classes have been provided with down balls and various sized skipping ropes to encourage being active during break times.  Year 7B colour coded and distributed the equipment to classes today.  Back to School Quotes I’ve enjoyed learning from home, […]

Yr 7 Numeracy ‘Number and Algebra’

The Yr 7 Numeracy class’ current unit is ‘Number and Algebra’.  During their class today, Friday, the class took part in a Kahoot. The students were asked to completed number patterns and identify rules.  Gold to Peppa, silver to Dakottah and bronze to Emmerson.  Kahoot is […]

‘On a Scale of Spongebob’ check-in

Year 7B Wellbeing Teacher, Mr Lance Houlihan, checked in to see how the class was feeling at the start of Friday morning’s Period 1 Wellbeing lesson using a temperature check-in called, ‘On a Scale of Spongebob’.  These check-ins are a great way for teachers to […]

Year 7 Gaga Pit Tournament

This week we kicked off round one of the Year 7 Gaga tournament, Wellbeing group Vs Wellbeing group. This event has been planned and organised by Year 11 VCAL students and it was the perfect way to keep warm on a cold day! The event will be […]

Project Rock-It

RALLY: New ways to tackle bullying – The aim of this interactive presentation was to Empower students to create a culture that challenges bullying behaviour, both online and in person. Students learned socially credible strategies to take action and unite together, instead of standing by […]

Year 7 Connection Conversations

SAVE THE DATE – CONNECTION CONVERSATIONS Connection Conversations are an opportunity for families to check in with their daughter’s Wellbeing teacher. Rather than a focus on academics, these conversations have a wellbeing approach where we will discuss the current Wellbeing program being implemented in the […]

Year 7 NLEP Numeracy

In Year 7 Numeracy, students continued their exploration of Fractions.  They used MM’s to show how the same number of MM’s can be expressed as a common fraction, decimal fraction and also as a percentage. After a big week of NAPLAN, they then enjoyed eating […]

Hero’s Journey Competition

In Term 1 the Year 7 Advanced English classes explored the classic Hero’s Journey narrative structure. Most stories in film and literature follow some variation of this structure including Disney, Harry Potter and Star Wars. The girls did a deep dive into how J.K. Rowling […]

Year 7 Leadership

After 42 applications and a very tough selection process, we are excited to announce our Year 7 leaders for 2021.  SRC LeadersEve McDonald and Emily Wolfe  Liturgy and Identity LeadersJacqueline Kolar and Olivia Geddes We welcome these students to the Student Leadership Team and wish […]