Year 7 Day Camp

On Wednesday 28 October, the Year 7s were fortunate enough to enjoy a day at Lake Dewar Camp. When we arrived at school, everyone was chatting away, excitedly anticipating the day ahead. After an hour-long ride, we arrived at the camp and were split into […]

In the classroom – Numeracy & Mathematics

Year 7 Numeracy The Year 7 Numeracy class have been learning about Fractions. One of the tasks was locating fractions on a number line. Four students placed a clothes peg to represent a fraction on a number line (rope) and their classmates voted on who […]

Year 7 Career Conversations

Our Year 7s have been spending some time thinking about future study paths and career aspirations. They meet with our Careers Counsellor, Ms Mahon for an informal conversation that is designed to help students hone in on their strengths and begin to identify possible industry […]

In the classroom

Year 7 Numeracy Yr 7 Numeracy with Mr Houlihan, Deb and Indi made play dough to use in mathematics. Their current topic is Fractions. They created simple and improper fractions and mixed numbers with the playdough. They also explored the concept of equivalence and addition and subtraction […]


In Term 3 Year 7 -10 mathematics students participated in the CSIRO Bebras Challenge (412+ students). The challenge is designed to  promote computational thinking, a way of understanding problems and identifying the tools and strategies that enable a solution to be developed. Some students worked […]

Year 7 Advanced English

Students in Year 7 Advanced English are studying the classic novel ‘Anne of Green Gables’. In the novel, Anne recites the famous Alfred Noyle’s poem, ‘The Highwayman’. In class during remote learning, we looked at some of the features of this poem and the students […]

Year 7 Olympics Challenge

Hi everyone! We are Hunter and Emily, the SRCs for Year 7 and we have been working alongside the Wellbeing teachers to organise a fun and exciting event. This event is called the Year 7 Olympics! It will take place during the online learning period. […]