On Thursday 23 November, Clonard hosted our yearly Celebration of Achievement Student Awards Evening where students were presented with achievement awards.

The evening began with Livinia playing an opening song, followed by Welcome to Country by two of our First Nation students, Talarah and Grace. Prayer was read by Faith, then our College Captains, Charli and Summer welcomed attendees and introduced the evening. 

We were joined by Peter Houlahan, the Executive Officer of Kildare Education Ministries, Tash Fridey of Deakin University, Loma Howell and Margaret Phelan – past Staff members who continue to support the school and awards, Tricia Boom, member of the Stewardship Council, Susan and Leah White and Brendan Clark, husband of Trish Clark, a past staff member and children Hayley and Jacob.

Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools representatives Aaron Gupta – Relationship manager, Brendan Hoy – General Manager Client Services and Michelle Ross-FitzGerald – Event Coordinator.

Apologies for the evening were received from Rosemary Copeland of Kildare Ministries, Rob Shields and Yvonne Gdak, members of the Stewardship Council.


The Academic and Endeavour Awards are presented to students who have demonstrated:

  • Consistently high academic performance,
  • Consistently high application in class and in homework and
  • High levels of cooperation with other students and staff across multiple subject areas
Year 7 Academic Award recipients for 2023

Georgia F, Tegan G, Keira H, Perri H, Grace H, Caitlin J, Edwina M, Amber S, Ksenia S, Sophie W.

Year 7 Endeavour Award recipients for 2023
Isobel A, Poppy B, Madison C, Layla G, Lakota G, Mia Rose G, Suzie K, Annabel L, Poppie M, Airlie M, Annabelle S.
Year 8 Academic Award recipients for 2023
Lucy A, Chloe B, Ava C, Lily C, Aaliyah D, Jacqueline L, Sienna L, Lucy S, Ruby W, Ranumi W.
Year 8 Endeavour Award recipients for 2023
Lucia B, Sienna C, Hannah G, Chloe G,
Chloe K – Special contribution: Dedication to fostering a collaborative and empowering environment,
Ruby K – Special contribution: Dedication to Music at Clonard,
Layla M, Paige M, Aliera R, Annabelle S,
Jemma R – Special Contribution: Dedication to Sport at Clonard College,
Anastazia S – Special Contribution: Recognising exceptional leadership qualities and dedication to fostering a collaborative and empowering environment. 
Year 9 Academic Award recipients for 2023
Madison A, Melissa A, Amali B, Sienna C, Abbey C, Sienna F, Schaundea G, Lily M, Ella S, Harper T.
Year 9 Endeavour Award recipients for 2023
Jasmine C, Georga D, Zoe H, Lara L, Sage M, Caeley M, Lyla M, Claudia P, Darcy R, Tayla S, Emily W.
Year 10 Academic Award recipients for 2023
Serena C, Hunter G, Faustine G, Hattie I, Sienna M, Grace O, Yu-Ru T, Aimee V, Emily W, Emma W.
Year 10 Endeavour Award recipients for 2023
Noor A, Roshni A, Mary C, Emily D, Asha F, Sienna H, Madalen J, Brodie M, Lacey N, Sienna T, Isabella T.
Year 11 Academic Award recipients for 2023 
Ella C, Tali G, Emily H, Anika K, Olivia K, Stefani K, Khushi M, Lucy M, Emma M, Eva M, Brigitte T.
Year 11 Endeavour Award recipients for 2023
Chelsea A, Charlotte A, Georgia A, Taryn B, Maliha B, Anabelle D, Anais D, Makayla H, Nyah K, Brodie R, Evelyn R, Faith V,
Ida L – Special contribution: Dedication to Sport at Clonard College.
Year 12 Academic Award recipients for 2023 
Emma B, Maggie D, Pippa D, Lily D, Ava H, Chloe I, Sienna M, Emily S, Alana V.
Year 12 Endeavour Award recipients for 2023
Bridget D, Mahlah D, Elizabeth E, Felicity F, Georgia H, Amber M, Taylor N, Cinnamon S, Georgia S, Niamh S, Alice T,
Darcie J – Special Contribution: Dedication to Sport at Clonard College.
The Named Awards recognise students who have displayed outstanding leadership qualities during 2023. The awards were presented by our special guests, members of staff and Principal Luci Quinn.

The Carmel Phelan Scholarship was awarded to two students this year, Livinia S and Taryn B. 

The Clonard Senior Sport Award recipient was Gracie N.
The Clonard Intermediate Sport Award recipient was Charlotte W.
The Clonard Junior Sport Award recipient was Eva N.
The Kildare Ministries Award recipient was Mieka O, Living Justly Leader. 
The Daniel Delany Award recipient was Caitlyn T.
The Geraldine White Award recipient was Antonella T.
The Loma Howell Junior Music Award recipient was Livinia R.
The Loma Howell Junior Music Award recipient was Emma M.
The Monash Scholars Program recipients were Yu-Ru T and Hattie I.
The Sr Geraldine Sheedy Award recipient was Amber M.
The Sr Justine Power Award recipient was Denise D.
The St Brigid Award recipients were Year 10 – Serena C, Year 9 – Melissa A, Year 8 – Talarah O, Year 7 – Perri H.
The Trish Clark Award recipient was Adriana C.
The ADF Future Innovators Award recipient was Matilda H.
The ADF LONG TAN leadership and Teamwork Award recipients were Sienna T and Mieka O.
The Deakin University Young Influencer Award recipient was Charli H.
The Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program recipient was Emma W.
The Father James Wall Bursary Award recipient was Sienna T.

The College Leadership Award recognises the leadership of the College Captains, Ava Hy and Charlotte H.


Clonard College Principal, Luci Quinn, closed the evening with these words, ‘All of our award recipients tonight should be extremely proud of their efforts, their results and of the way they have been recognised as role models for others. My challenge to you is to ensure that this continues and further develops so that your name might appear on my list of certificates to sign
sometime in the future.

I also want to acknowledge the families and our special guests who are here tonight. All of you are great supporters of our College, our young people and Catholic education more broadly. Your presence here is a living testament of that interest and we hope that you leave here with a sense of great pride and joy in the young people that we have celebrated here.

I personally, and on your behalf, acknowledge the efforts of teachers and support staff for their amazing commitment, dedication and passion. We also thank families who are the first teachers. We are in this together.’