The Year 7 camp last Monday and Tuesday at Lake Dewar Discovery Camp was a fun and memorable experience for both students and staff. The weather was absolutely beautiful. The camp provided the opportunity for staff and students to build connections, move out of comfort zones, display resilience and above all, have lots of laughs and fun.  

Several of our Year 7 students shared their thoughts on the camp.

‘I loved Camp Dewar. It was so fun. I loved to spend time with my friends and try new things I haven’t tried before. The lake was beautiful and the people there were really kind and loving. The activities were just amazing! THE BEST CAMP SO FAR!’

‘I personally loved going to lake Dewar and I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of and experiencing this camp. I got to meet new people and I became good friends with people in my class and my cabin. I got to experience new and very fun activities and grow out of my comfort zone. The Clonard community made this experience so much fun, and I really appreciate the Clonard staff for making this happen and making it such a fun adventure! ​’

‘I made new friends.’

‘Thank you, teachers for making this happen.  It was one of the best things I have ever done.​’

‘Camp was so fun. I got to work with other people and build more and closer connections.​’

‘The people in my activity group were so nice and supported me in lots of the activities.’

Below are the words that students came up with to describe their camp experience.