FARM VISIT by Izzy B, Dani J, and Genevieve K 

We went to Mary Rose’s farm on the 25th of October to help her do some jobs. We transplanted the Raspberry plants, we dug up the raspberries, put them into pots so we could carry them to a new garden bed where we planted them. We got to brush the ponies, Fergus and Kirby and we filled up their tubs of water. We saw a calf and mother and the bull. We watched Mary Rose’s helper, Ivan, milk the cow because she was full and recently had a baby. We met a rescue Magpie named Maggie Moo who didn’t have a home, so she is being looked after in the house. One of our favourite activities was playing with the dogs, Beanie and Gus.


Did you know you can give your indoor plants some extra nutrients by soaking a banana skin in water overnight (or for a couple of days), then strain and water your plants with the liquid or dilute it slightly with extra water.


A huge thank you to Vince in maintenance for creating some new signs for our fruit trees and plants in the garden. Over the last few weeks we have been busy painting these signs and revamping some of the older signs. The signs brighten up Brigid’s Garden and showcase the wonderful trees and plants we have such as, apricot, plum, apple, pear, nectarine, kiwi fruit, avodado, blueberries, loganberries, peach, banana and almond.  

We were super busy on our last day in the garden program for 2023, preparing the garden beds with compost and planting tomato seedlings, creating some Christmas themed cookies in the kitchen, and installing the new signs. We are so grateful for another fabulous year in Brigid’s Garden Program.