Last week saw the re-introduction of the Buddy Program, where a Year 10 student paired up with a Year 7 student as their buddy. The Year 10s have put a lot of effort into this and started the program by having a whole period on Monday with our new buddies. Activities included Just Dance, Gaga, Walk n Talk or hanging out in the Chill Out area. This was demonstrating our school theme of the year ‘Connecting with Compassion’. The aim was to create connections between the senior and junior schools and help the Year 7s adjust to their new school by having a friendly face to see. We will have more interactions between the year levels throughout the year and we can’t wait to get to know our buddies!

Olivia Mirovski (Year 7) – “I thought it would be intimidating meeting my Year 10 Buddy but it was actually really fun and I got to know them”

Kate O’Donoghue (Year 10) – “It was fun meeting my buddy, we bonded really well and I’m excited to hang out with her again”

Chloe Kearney (Year 7) – “It was cool, I learnt about getting to higher year levels and how different it is to year 7”

Mili Nikolic (Year 10) –  “I loved meeting my buddy and the activities were heaps of fun”

Anastazia Simic (Year 7) – “I found out that our brothers used to play soccer for the same club which was cool. My buddy was really nice”

Heidi Grant (Year 10) – “I thought it was a really good idea and I liked finding out and having a laugh with my buddy”