Clonard Strava Challenge

In the last two weeks of term, all year levels and staff participated in a Strava challenge for ‘Love your Body’ week. All students were super keen to beat other Year levels but their main motivation was to beat Cloanrd staff…unfortunately for them, staff proved […]

VCAL led RU OK? Day

We are so thrilled and proud to be featured on the Catholic Education Melbourne website with a story about our VCAL led RU OK? Day last week. Click here to read the full article and thank you Catholic Education Melbourne.  Here you can watch the […]

RU OK? Day

Get ready for a fun-filled week to celebrate RUOK? Day, this Thursday 10 September. The Year 12 VCAL Class have been planning some activities for the week for everyone to get involved, so stay tuned. In the meantime, have a sift through your wardrobe for […]

Community Screening: Angst

Join us for a special screening for the Geelong Catholic Secondary Schools of the award winning global documentary ‘Angst’.  Angst is a film-based education program designed to raise awareness around anxiety, with an emphasis on youth and families. The film includes interviews with kids, teens, experts, […]

Year 8 Wellbeing

Year 8 students have been creating connections with each other by participating in a scavenger hunt each wellbeing class.  The idea is that we can connect through fun activities and each week students vote on the activity that is most creative, unusual and meets the […]

Parenting Teens Who Worry

Event Summary Is worry about their future, Covid-19 and the uncertainty of our times affecting your young person’s life today? Schooling, home life, relationships with family and friends and a sense of self and emotional wellbeing can all be challenged by the current crisis. In […]