Support for Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are complex and while social media does not cause eating disorders there is a link between social media use and body dissatisfaction. If you are concerned about your child or want to know more about the warning signs of an eating disorder visit […]

Digital Technologies and Mental Health

Parents, you’re invited to a webinar hosted by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. The topic is Digital Technologies and Mental Health, with several sessions running from 19 October to 18 November. This term 4 webinar will provide parents and carers with an understanding of how […]

Purple Door Project

Our community is one that values inclusion and welcome. The Kildare Ministries Living Justice Living Peace Charter challenges us to break down the barriers that separate people and embrace the marginalised. We are asked ‘who needs to be clearly seen and listened to?’  Often diversity and difference creates barriers or fear that […]

Sunsmart Hats

From Tues 12th October the Clonard Sunsmart bucket hats will begin to be dispersed to all students via your Wellbeing teachers. These hats are now a compulsory part of the Clonard uniform and are to be on your person and worn at all times during […]

Headspace Parent Webinar

Headspace National are hosting a webinar for parents and carers of young people to support their mental health. Information presented will: • Strengthen your understanding of mental health and wellbeing. • Build skills and strategies to support the mental health, and well-being of your young […]

Year 8 Wellbeing

Year 8 Wellbeing Class has done an outstanding job in collecting 766 bread tags for the ‘Bread tags for the Wheelchairs’ program that recycles them in order to fund wheelchairs (mainly) in South Africa. After filling the entire jar we stopped to count them, and […]

‘On a Scale of Spongebob’ check-in

Year 7B Wellbeing Teacher, Mr Lance Houlihan, checked in to see how the class was feeling at the start of Friday morning’s Period 1 Wellbeing lesson using a temperature check-in called, ‘On a Scale of Spongebob’.  These check-ins are a great way for teachers to […]