Our 2024 Project Compassion Raffle has now been drawn and we are pleased to announce the following winners:

1st Prize Taylah B of Year 12

2nd Prize Ms. Bolitho

3rd Prize Asha F of Year 11 

4th Prize Emma W of Year 11

The total funds raised for Project Compassion (cash, card and CDF payments) were still being tallied at the time of printing but the total will provide some much needed funds for people in need around the world.

Thank-you to all students, families and staff who purchased tickets or assisted in any way with this fundraiser. 

Thanks also to our Year 9 Living Justly Leaders (Charlie and Luci) and Year 10 Living Justly Leaders (Sienna and Eve) for their organisation planning and sales, as well as Sienna, Asha, Liana and Emma of Year 11 for their general assistance too!

Michael McCallum – Catholic Identity: Living Justly & First Nations Leader