In the remote classroom

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One of the Year 7s decided that it was such a beautiful day  that she moved her learning environment outside.
She was tired of the 4 walls in her room. Fresh air and a great outlook made for a more productive learning environment.

Year 7 Mathletics

The students in Year 7 NLEP Numeracy class use Mathletics to explore and consolidate mathematical concepts. Here are some comments from three of the students:

I like using Mathletics because it helps me with my math’s and it is not too hard or easy.  If you get stuck it has a thing that you can look at and it tells you what to.

It is also fun to do and it helps you a lot to understand the questions and it tells you if the answer is right or wrong. – Armani 

I like using Mathletics because it fun. A good thing about Mathletics is you can try again. – Daniella 

I like using Mathletics because I can see my goals that I need to work on. -Taylah 

Year 7 Science

Students in Year 7 have been learning about separating mixtures.  In class this week in particular they were learning about evaporation and distillation.  While working at home students were tasked with building their own solar distillation unit.  Later in the week, the students will be reporting back on their findings as well as their successes and failures.

Year 8 Science

Year 8 Science classes were set the task to create a social media post that would help raise awareness about the mass loss of bees and what people can do to help save the bees #savethebees. We love what they have come up with!

Year 9 English

Year 9 English students have begun to compare Mark Smith’s “Road to Winter” to their own Dystopian reading choice.

These were the quotes they found that inspired their work and some of their creative comparative work below.