The theme for the Year 8s last visit to Coasthaven as part of the Intergenerational Aged Care Project was music; with a small concert held for the residents.

Here are some of the students’ reflections of their experience:

‘I really enjoyed going to Coasthaven because I know other schools don’t get this opportunity. I really enjoyed talking to Liiana, she was so funny and honest in her teen years.’ Simona

‘My reflection from the program was that I was able to make some connections with the residents and also with other students.’ Madi

‘This program was very inspiring and helpful to gain more confidence.  I like being able to talk to the elderly people and playing some games with them.  I had an awesome time in this program.’ Ashleigh

‘I enjoyed my experience and the opportunity to help with my communication and friendliness.  It was full of joy and laughter; I learnt some things from the residents and made connections from outside of school and home.’ Maya

‘I think this was a really good program for the students and residents.  It helped me get out of my shell and connect with new generations in multiple ways.  I think it should continue.’ Aisha

‘I think the aged care program was a great interactive to do.  Stepping out of your comfort zone.  Speaking with older people tends to make you happy.’ Ahlia

“We just want to also express our appreciation to you both for collaborating with us to make the intergenerational program a success.  We couldn’t have achieved this without your support, and the amazing contribution and attitude of the students.  Your students made a difference with their patience and interaction, and he residents really cherished their time with the young ladies.”

Nora W
Lifestyle Coordinator
Service & Operations