As the term has continued we have noticed a decline in the way some students are wearing the school uniform. Please take some time look over the images below which outline how your young person should be dressed in their Winter Uniform. Attached is a document which outlines the College Uniform Principles and the reasons why we place these expectations upon our student community.

Our staff are constantly following up students for breaches of these Uniform expectations therefore we would ask that you assist us in reminding your young person each morning about these expectations. Please ensure they don’t come to school inappropriately dressed.
In Terms 2 and 3  the full winter uniform is to be worn, and the college blazer to be worn to and from school on a daily basis. Hair should always be tied back, school shoes should be clean and all jewellery expectations should be adhered to.

At Clonard we strive to foster a safe, inclusive, respectful, and impactful learning environment to which all students feel a strong sense of connection, belonging and purpose. Our uniform and our uniform policies have been designed to contribute to and enhance these important aspirations. This document outlines the principles that form our uniform policy design and implementation.