Shelf-Service @ Clonard

We’ve missed you! We know how much you’ve missed your library and we’re looking forward to helping you find stories that are just right for you.  You can always ask for reading suggestions when you’re in the library but now we’re thrilled to be able to welcome you back with our new Shelf-Service@Clonard.


·         Click and collect: request the books you’d like to read. Great for people who know what they want.

·         Personal shopper: you let us know what you’re interested in and we choose the books for you. Great for people who want some say in the books we choose.

·         Perfect match: for readers who want books to match their reading personality type.

·         Book binge bundle: we’ll choose a series for you to binge. Great for anyone who has been Netflix binging.

·         Mystery pack: we choose a range of reads for you. Great for readers who are looking for something new and unexpected.


Full details are available on the library website’s reading guide.


Need help to locate information, answer a question…? You can now contact us at during library opening hours. We will respond within 24 hours.


Have I said how happy we are to have you back?