Thanks to Barwon Water

What a brilliant day of planting at Kevin Kirby Reserve in Herne Hill for Clonard’s Tree Day on Friday 28th July 2023. We are so grateful for the partnership with Barwon Water, and Friends of Kevin Kirby Reserve, which makes our Tree Day planting possible each year. Barwon Water supplied 200 native plants with a variety of grasses and shrubs including bower spinach, pig face, silver tussock, spiny-head mat-rush, knobbly club-rush, flax lily, common sedge, seaberry saltbush, fragrant saltbush, hop goodenia, twiggy daisy-bush.

Kevin Kirby Reserve

The local reserve in Herne Hill is named in honour of Kevin Kirby who served the Geelong West Community as a mayor and through his volunteering work. Kevin Kirby is still very involved in helping to maintain the reserve and joined us on the day. Kevin shared with students the story of how the reserve began over 34 years ago. He was part of a group who campaigned to ensure the land which was an open paddock was set aside for urban bushland.

Visit from Geelong Cats AFLW player

This year we were lucky to have Geelong Cats AFLW player, Georgie Prespakis visit and help students plant trees in the reserve. Emma Homes, Community Education Adviser, Catherine Aikman, Engagement Adviser, and Charles Wambura, Digital Communications Officer from Barwon Water all came to provide support on the day.

Thank you

Nearly 100 students were involved on the day from 7 White, 7 Yellow, the Year 10 PreVOC class, VCE and Year 10 Outdoor Ed classes. For many students it was their first time participating in a tree planting day, so it was great for them to have an experience of caring for country and finding connection with nature. Thanks to Clonard staff – Jen Talbot, Sarah Ellmer, India Mintram-Porter, Rachael Congues, Robyn Chandler, Helen Purnell, Shelby Hackett, Chris Kershaw, Eden Meddick, Vince Lo Grasso – who supported and assisted to make Tree Day a wonderful success.

Lisa Singline, Sustainability Leader