Over week 8 and 9 of Term 3, our Year 7 students learnt the three basic steps to saving a person’s life. 

Ambulance Victoria referred to it as Shocktober, where thousands of Victorians took the time to learn CPR and find the nearest AED. The CALL-PUSH-SHOCK program was run by the science staff at Clonard.

The program is designed to assist students to recognise when someone is in cardiac arrest and to learn the three simple steps of; Call (Call Triple Zero 000), Push (Perform CPR), Shock (use an AED or Defibrillator).

Our students pushed to the beat of the song, ‘Staying Alive’. It was a lot of fun and the best thing of all was that each student got to take home a kit so that they can teach someone in their family the basic steps to:

Call Triple Zero 000

Push Perform CPR

Shock use an AED or Defibrillator.