Year 7 Day Camp

On Wednesday 28 October, the Year 7s were fortunate enough to enjoy a day at Lake Dewar Camp.

When we arrived at school, everyone was chatting away, excitedly anticipating the day ahead. After an hour-long ride, we arrived at the camp and were split into groups.

The groups were a mix of some new and some familiar faces. The activities began almost at once, some of which include:

  • Kayaking with an added twist of blindfolds
  • Standup paddle boarding where everyone fell (or got pushed!) in
  • Bush walks which were perfect for drying off from the water activities
  • Archery with a surprising amount of bullseyes
  • A very wet escape room

And loads more. Everywhere you looked all day, there were smiling faces and fun times. It was a great opportunity to strengthen and create relationships with our peers. Overall, it was a great day and we were sad to see it end. Thanks for an awesome day year 7’s and teachers!

Sienna T and Amelia R