Students launched into deep space, journeying through Mathematics and Science to uncover the mystical phenomena of eclipses, seasons, technology and living in space stations beyond the moon.

The students had the opportunity to explore the planetarium and measurement at Scienceworks as well as listen to experts speak from the Australian Space Discovery centre.

They had the opportunity to develop skills in the competencies of Student Agency –  Using Feedback and Responsibility and  Quality Thinking – Asking the right question.

In Maths the culmination of the learning resulted in the building of a 3D space station at a location they determined. They used different shapes and measured the perimeter, area, and volume of the space station and carefully considered what they might need to include to ensure the survival of the humans living there.

In Science they answered the question “Why is  Earth so Special?” They had the opportunity to develop their own questions, research them and create an expression of that learning through a podcast, creating books, or letters to invite aliens to come and visit. The students were really proud of their learning and were able to explain their thinking behind each aspect. A fantastic effort by all. Here are some pieces of Learning:

You can listen to the Year 7 Space Talks below: