Year 7 Olympics Challenge

Hi everyone! We are Hunter and Emily, the SRCs for Year 7 and we have been working alongside the Wellbeing teachers to organise a fun and exciting event. This event is called the Year 7 Olympics! It will take place during the online learning period. Each week there will be a new challenge for the girls to participate in!

Classes are in the making of choosing or creating a mascot based on their Wellbeing Class color.  This mascot will represent their class during the Olympics. This week’s challenge was a trick shot. The girls send in a video of them mastering a challenge! It could be anything from a basketball shot to a chain reaction! After the closed date, the classes chose one entry from their class that they thought had the potential to win. This then goes in the running against the chosen entry from each class. 

Gold, silver and bronze entries will gain points for their class. The class with the most points at the end will win! Good luck to all the year 7’s! 

‘Trick Shot’ Winners:

 Evie Reed and Stephanie Tripolino


This week’s challenge: ‘Most Creative Cake/Cupcake’