Our Year 7 students recently embarked on an eye-opening science excursion titled “Endangered Species,” where they focused on the local flora and fauna facing critical challenges. The students were divided into different groups, each exploring a unique environment:

The Moorabool River groups immersed themselves in the river ecosystem, observing the delicate balance between land and water habitats. The Bone- Seeding group ventured to Anglesea to see the implications Bone Seeds are having on the local environment, and three groups headed to Queenscliff  to  explore the marine environment through either an exhilarating boat tour, a rockpool ramble, or freshwater exploration,  unveiling the diverse world of Port Phillip Bay and its surrounds.

Each group had the privilege of learning from experts in their respective environments, gaining insights into the challenges faced by local flora and fauna. These experts shed light on issues such as invasive species, habitat loss, climate change, and pollution.

Armed with knowledge and inspiration, our students are now on a mission to protect their chosen environment. They will use the information gathered to create intricate food webs and brainstorm innovative ideas to combat the threats posed to their ecosystems.

Meagan Canaway