Thank you to author, Jane Godwin, who visited the Year 8 recently.

As part of their assessment, the Year 8 students are reading Jane’s novel ‘When rain turns to snow’, so it was a great opportunity for them to hear first-hand the inspiration behind the characters, the story and the creative writing process itself.

Feedback from Year 8 students Eden & Georgia

Jane told us about the book we are reading called ‘When Rain Turns to Snow’ she had said how she got the title because she was at her son’s house in winter and she was looking out to the forest in his backyard and it was raining, then suddenly it started snowing and she thought that the title was perfect.

We thought it was interesting that Jane said all of her books have 5 syllables. She talked about how the characters in the books are based on people in her life, just with different names. Also, how real events in her life are put into her books, just in different ways.

She told us how we could be a good writer and improve our writing.

Thank you Jane, for taking time out of your busy writing schedule to come and speak to the students today.