Year 8 Digitech Excursion

On Tuesday 1 March, four classes of year 8 Digitech students visited the Geelong Tech School to play and create with the latest cutting edge technology.

The four full-day electives were:

Check Mate – Design your own chess piece using 3D CAD software and then print it on the 3D printer

Real Life Animated – using industry standard motion capture system students create and animate a 3D character with their own motion data

Table Maze – Students design and assemble a table maze and use Hummingbird robotics kit to create code to solve the maze

Tilt Brush – Students learn how to use Google Tilt Brush and the Oculus Quest VR headset to create their own design within a virtual reality environment

This was year 8s first experience of the ‘Tech Tasters’ offered by the Geelong Tech School and we hope to run the excursion again next semester.