At Year 8 we are implementing an Intergenerational Aged Care Collaborative Project between Clonard College and Baptcare, Coasthaven, Norlane.

Clonard College delivers a wellbeing program based on the PERMAH Model and Year 8 students have a focus on Community and Care. Working with Baptcare – Coasthaven will provide an opportunity for selected Year 8 students to be involved in a practical community project that brings together generations. Sharing information, interests and experiences will support the development of understanding, compassion and kindness across generations.

Connections will also be developed between the community and Clonard as there are inter-generational relationships that exist between students and residents.

Students will also have the opportunity to develop skills and experience for future learning pathways related to education and employment in community and aged care.

Student feedback from their time at Coasthaven, Norlane;

‘The Intergenerational Aged Care Project was a great experience that I really enjoyed it was fun to have a chat with different people and learn about their life and who they are as a person, I liked how the staff and all the people I talked to were so nice and happy to answer any questions.’ Olivia

‘I loved going and seeing all the people in the aged care, it was very nice. I also loved seeing a lady that was legally blind, she told us all about how her life was back then and about the World War 2, which was amazing.’ Ashleigh

‘I really enjoyed going to the aged care – I thought it was really fun and something different and I hope to do it again.’ Ava

‘Going to the aged care was an amazing opportunity, not just to see how they lived when they were younger but to see how they are living now. It was a fun learning experience; it was also a great way to walk in someone else’s shoes and see what they have done through their years. Overall, it was an amazing trip.’ Lacey

‘I really enjoyed going to see the old people. They are always welcoming and willing to have a nice talk with them. This is a good way of talking to new people. The nice lady Ashleigh and I were talking and told us about when she had to peel and can veggies for the war. See, nowadays we have it so easy. They did not have phones or anything that we have now. We must be grateful for what we have and appreciate that we are not living in really hard but manageable times. I am really grateful for this amazing opportunity, and I was lucky enough to have this opportunity following the last few years with COVID. Thank you so much to the staff at the facility and the teachers that were able to make this happen.’ Charlotte

‘I thought that the aged care visit was awesome, it was just great to get a different perspective and be in a different place.’ Laya