On Friday 17 March, the Year 9 history classes went on an excursion to Sovereign Hill. We were taken on an educational tour around the town to learn about the history surrounding the Gold Rush, and how it had an impact on the Indigenous at the time. Throughout the day there were many different workshops available for us to participate in, including how to make candles and how to make the famous Sovereign Hill lollies (which we spent all of our money on).

Some of us were fortunate enough to be taken down into the mines, which was such an experience! We were also able to see the traditional clothes worn back in 1850, as the majority of the workers were dressed like this. This all ties in with our unit as we are currently learning about the major events in our Australian history as well as how the Gold Rush came about, and how it changed our land forever. It was great to head back in time!

– Emilia P and Lana M